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Biology Cell Class Project

Chemiosmotic Gradients

A-Semipermeable Membranes
C- Cells and Viruses
D- Molecular Biology
E- E.R. and Golgo Appartus
F- Photosynthesis
G- Mitochondria
H- Macromolecules
I- Chemiosmotic gradients
J- Shape and Forms of Eukaryotic Cells

Students know how chemiosmotic gradients in the mitochondria and chloroplast store energy for ATP production

Chemiosmosis is the movement of hydrogen ions to provide energy to make ATP.
In the mitochondria the centar part is postively charged making the the external negatively charged. This caused more postive charged ions to be attracted to the negative ions causing the mitochondria to have more gradients making more energy for ATP.
In photosynthesis the thylakoid membrane  is similar to the mitochondria because ions get pumped into the membrane to create a high concentration gradient. The diffusion of the thylakoid helped provide the energy for chemiosmosis.